Holiday 2022

Anthon Berg Caramel Filled Chocolate Bags Bags 110g

A 110g bag of milk chocolate with coffee caramel and dark chocolate with caramel. 

Sugar/sugar, cocoa mass, glucose syrup/syrup, cocoa butter/butter, SWEET MILK/WHOLE MILK/SWEET MILK POWDER, CONDENSED MILK/MILK/CONDENSED MILK, vegetable fat/fat in the filling/filling (palm, shea-kerne/-kerne/- core), stabilizer (sorbitol syrup/syrup), emulsifier/emulsifier (lecithin), syrup/syrup, coffee extract/extract 0.2%, salt, aromas/flavouring agents, thickener/thickener (pectin), vanilla extract/vanilla extract. May contain traces of nuts and gluten. May contain traces of nuts and gluten. At least 33% cocoa solids/dry substance and at least 23% milk/milk constituents/milk constituents in milk chocolate/milk chocolate/milk chocolate. At least 46% cocoa solids/dry matter in the dark chocolate/chocolate/dark chocolate.