Lakerol YUP Crispy Licorice 30g

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Läkerol YUP Crispy Licorice offers several unexpected experiences in the same lozenge, both in terms of taste and texture. The licorice lover gets the best of both worlds - a good taste of sweet licorice in the crispy skin in nice contrast to the intense ammonia taste in the soft core. The lozenge is sugar-free, vegan and contains vitamin C. A perfect alternative to sweets when the craving for sweets strikes! The box with built-in dosage contains 40 grams.

Ingredients: sweeteners / sweeteners (isomalt, xylitol, maltitols, sorbitols, erythritol, steviol glycosides), stabilizer / stabilizer (gum arabic), ammonium chloride (= salmiak), licorice extract, natural flavorings, salt, ascorbic acid, dye / dye / surface treatment agent (carnauba wax / wax).

Gelatin Free
Gluten Free