Bassets Wine Gums Original


Imported candy from Sweden.

Bassets Wine Gums are chewy, firm pastille-type sweets with fruit flavor. Wine Gums are similar to gum drops. Wine Gums are very popular in Great Britain but can also be commonly found on Pick-n-Mix walls in Sweden!

INGREDIENTS: Glucose syrup (contains sulfites), sugar, starch, gelatin, acids (malic, acetic), dyes (anthocyanins, vegetable carbon, paprika extract, lutein, curcumin), aromas, vegetable oils (palm kernel, coconut, sunflower), surface treatment agent (carnauba wax).

  • Free of High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Free of GMOs
  • Free of Trans Fats
  • Natural Colorants

ALLERGIES:May contain wheat. Contains Gelatin. 

Collections: Pick-n-Mix, Sweet