Cloetta Mums-Mums Original 80g

Mums-Mums is a lovely fluffy foam top on a biscuit base with a lovely chocolate coating and a deliciously twisted shape!
The foam ball Mums-Mums was born as early as 1933. Since then, it has become a real classic and a well-known brand in Sweden. Mums-Mums is today very similar to the original product, even though the design of the packaging has changed since the beginning. The screwed shape and the tough foam with a coating of chocolate is still the same and therefore it is recognized by most Swedes. This fluffy cream bun is perfect for coffee, a party or when you are hungry for something extra good. Mums-Mums is an alternative for a good and low-calorie coffee, as each foam top only contains 80 kcal. Mums-Mums have a long shelf life and can also be frozen. MUMS!

Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, vegetable fats (palm, shea), water, wheat flour , whey powder ( milk ), skimmed milk powder , fat-reduced cocoa powder, egg white powder , emulsifier (e492, soy lecithin , sunflower lecithin), stabilizer, coconut oil, salt, pomegranate. a. vanillin), preservative (e211), acid (citric acid), baking powder (e500.)

Natural breakage may occur during transit, therefore we cannot issue refunds due to the nature of this product.