COCOHAGEN Barista Plant Based Truffle 20g

What is your favorite coffee moment? From now on, it is guaranteed to be all the moments when a Cocohagen Barista accompanies your coffee 🍫+β˜•οΈ=🀩 Cocohagen Barista is luxurious, organic and plant-based cocoa truffle with large, roasted almonds from Spain, black coffee and 100% pure cocoa from Callebaut β˜•οΈ πŸ’šπŸ˜‹ It started as an exclusive summer variant in the summer of 2020, where we at COCOHAGEN had tested one away to achieve the perfectly balanced taste, where the coffee is present, but still leaves room for the taste of the pure cocoa and umami from the great , roasted almonds. It quickly won over our own and our customers' taste buds, and also took first place as the year's tastiest confectionery at Sol Over Gudhjem.

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