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Karl Fazer Fresh Milk Chocolate with Tutti Frutti

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Karl Fazer Tutti Frutti 145 g

A beloved chocolate classic that has got its uniquely full taste of the best possible ingredients since 1922. Milk chocolate made from fresh milk with pieces of Tutti Frutti - a refreshing combination of soft milk chocolate and fruity jelly. Cocoa is 100% traceable and responsibly produced. The Tutti Frutti pieces are gelatin free and naturally flavored and colored. Share with friends or treat yourself for a moment.

Ingredients: Milk , sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, glucose syrup, wheat starch, modified starch, acidity regulators (E270, E325), emulsifiers ( soy lecithin), salt, concentrate of safflowers, aromas, surface treatment agents (E903). May contain nuts , almonds and second grains that contain gluten . The milk chocolate contains at least 30% cocoa.