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Larssons Swedish Potato Chips

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"In 2012, we opened the doors to our very own Chipseri® here at Larsviken. Today we are the only crisps manufacturers in Sweden whose entire production chain – from planting the potatoes to frying and packing the crisps – takes place at home on the farm. From our unique potato collection, which consists of about 550 different varieties, we choose the best seasonal potatoes. Our wish is that the natural taste and unique character of every potato and every root vegetable will be taken into account and that the craftsmanship behind the cultivation and refinement of the produces should be noticed in the crunch and flavour of each crisp. We exclusively use 100% cold pressed rapeseed oil from Gunnarshögs Farm in Österlen for deep-frying, which gives the crisps a deliciously nutty taste. Due to the fact that we allow the cooking of the crisps in the fryer to take a little longer, and we therefore do not have to heat the rapeseed oil as much as is usual in conventional crisps production, the emergence of trans fats is avoided, which is very positive from a health perspective.

Owing to the fact that we have complete control over the entire production chain, the opportunity to pick the best suited produces and because we use 100% cold-pressed rapeseed oil, we have secured the position as market leader in terms of craft-produced delicacy crisps."