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Munki Shiva Palace Almonds

Growing up in London, the flavor of curry practically becomes part of your DNA. There’s a curry house on every corner, and after a few pints at the pub on a Friday night, it just can’t be beat! Münki loves a good curry, so we knew we had to try to re-create the tastes of one of our favorite cuisines! To really capture an authentic curry experience, we took our time developing the Shiva Palace Almond recipe, and now we can’t get enough of this Indian treat! We take perfectly dry-roasted almonds and sweet dried papaya, and coat them in our mild curry spices & just let them simmer. Now let me hear you cheer for curry and a beer!

We keep the list of ingredients simple: we NEVER use artificial flavors or preservatives, our fruit is sulfite-free, our nuts are dry-roasted (NEVER roasted in oil) and our spices are just awesome. Enjoy!

• 4 oz

• Gluten Free

• Vegan | Dairy Free

• Peanut Free

• Soy Free



almonds, dehydrated papaya, brown sugar, curry powder, cumin, smoked paprika, garlic powder, coriander, garam masala