Scaldaferro Torrone Handmade Brittle Torrone in Red Tin 350g

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Mandorlato Scaldaferro is a confectionery product composed of toasted almonds mixed with honey, sugar and egg white whipped until the mixture becomes white, creamy and soft: everything is cooked very slowly.

The mixture is then worked by hand, cut into sticks and immediately wrapped in heat to preserve its aroma and fragrance.

The ingredients, all of first quality, are one of the secrets of the product, such as the special blend of honeys joined together to give the Mandorlato an unmistakable bouquet, and the Italian almonds carefully selected and roasted directly by the Scaldaferro family.

The manufacturing process, which involves cooking for many hours in a bain-marie not found in industrial nougat, makes the Mandorlato Scaldaferro almonds crumbly and immediately recognizable, characterized by a “frothy” whipping and a slightly amber colour.

Another inimitable characteristic of the Mandolato Scaldaferro is the hand laying. In fact, each slat of almond is laid on a bed of wafer, instead of being rolled, pressed and ironed by machine, thus maintaining greater friability and volume.

The nougat cake is contained in a reusable lithographed tin with a hot stamped and embossed old family design.