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Sweetish Family Egg

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Fun for the whole family! Send this to a family you love this Easter and they will never forget you! 


Contents List:

1 XX-Large Size Classic Swedish Paper Egg 

1 Fazer Grona Kulor Fruktgodis (Green Drop Candy)

1 Fazer Easter Dragee (Candy Eggs)

1 Paskskum Animals (Easter Foam)

1 Cloetta Polly Family Size - Glad Pask! (Happy Easter!) 300g

1 Cloetta PaskeSkum (Easter Foam)

1 Cloetta Paskehare (Easter Bunny)

1 Skumma Hons (Marshmallow Hens)

1 Paskagg (Easter Egg)

1 Jumboagg (Jumbo Eggs)

1 Fagelagg (Bird Eggs)

1 Cloetta Drage Egg Mini

1 Classic Chocolate Paskehare (Easter Bunny)

1/2 Pound of Spring Not-Creme 

A Retail Value of $121.5!