The Sweetish Deal Box


Looking for something new to try and want a lot for less, look no further! Order a Sweetish Deal Box! 

A surprise mix of Swedish Chocolate Bars, Bagged Candy, Drinks, and Pick-n-Mix. 

Small- $25 ($50 retail value) 10-15 Products, Good for 1-2 People 

Medium- $50 ($100 Retail Value) 20-25 Products, Good for 2-4 People 

Jumbo- $100 ($200 Retail Value) 75 Products, Good for 6-8 People or for 1 if you're really hungry :)

Items may have dented packaging or be past their Best Before Dates (But still edible and tasty!). Selection will vary box to box. 

*Comes in plain white box or combined in your order.*