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Yankie Original Bar 50g

Yankie Bar: The American Dream from Denmark
In the post-war period, Toms sold quite a lot of products to the US army in Germany. The American soldiers asked Toms whether they could - please - produce a bar like the ones the soldiers knew from back home. So Toms invented invented a toffee and nougat bar, covered with delicious milk chocolate. Voilà: the Yankie Bar!

Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, cocoa butter, WHOLE MILK POWDER, fully hardened vegetable fat in filling, (palm kernels), CONDENSED MILK, vegetable fat in filling (palm oil, shea kernel oil), cocoa mass, MALT syrup from BARLEY/CORN, cocoa powder, EGG WHITE, salt, emulsifier (canola lecithin), aroma, vanilla.