Fangst Sild No. 1 Norwegian Sea Herring Smoked with White Pepper and Ramson

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Norwegian Sea herring smoked, with white pepper and ramson.

Herring has been fundamental to Nordic fishing, trade and food culture since the Middle Ages. The herring in this FANGST can is of the 'Atlantic' species, caught in The Norwegian Sea. With a light smoke from beech wood and a mild spicing of white pepper and ramson (wild garlic), Fangst aimed for a taste of the coast with a hint of the forest.

Ingredients: Smoked herring (Clupea harengus) (70%), Cold pressed rapeseed oil* (28.2%), herbal salt* (1.4% Atlantic sea salt, white pepper, ramson, celeriac, horseradish, onion, chives, rosemary). Organic ingredients amount to 30% of the content. *Organic