Apotekarnes Julmust Sleek Can 33CL

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Apotekarnes was formed when Stockholm's pharmacists merged into Apotekarnes Mineralvattens AB on 2 May 1874. From the start, 37 different types of water were sold at pharmacies and in special water shops and kiosks. For many years, however, Apotekarnes did not produce any soft drinks, only so-called soft drinks, ie Soda, Selters and Vichy water. At a board meeting in 1908, it was decided that Apotekarnes would with immediate effect invest in soft drinks, primarily sugar drinks, ginger drinks and a champagne drink. Shortly afterwards, Citron-Brus was also launched.
Apotekarnes Förenade Vattenfabriker merged with the Pripp Group in 1950 and Apotekarnes Mineralvatten AB joined in 1964. Today, Apotekarnes is part of Carlsberg Sweden's product portfolio.
Julmust was launched in 1910 as an alternative to beer. The must has many similarities with traditional dark beers. The Christmas must has a dark color, foams properly and has a taste of hops and malt. However, the drink is not used as intended, but has instead become the whole family's weekend soft drink under the name Julmust and Påskmust. Must is one of the most Swedish things there is and today you can hardly imagine a Swedish Christmas table without must.

Vegan friendly drink.

Ingredients: Carbonated water, sugar, dye (E150c), natural hop aroma and malt aroma (from barley), acid (citric acid), spice extract, flavorings, preservatives (E 211).

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