Lordagsgodis - A Sweet Tradition

Candy Season is Here! 


     The air is crisp, the pumpkins are ripe, the trick-or-treat pails are coming out of storage, and suddenly a sweet craving creeps up on you! It’s candy season! October is the biggest candy month in America, but we don’t stop there. Throughout the year, Americans enjoy a whopping 3.5kg, almost 8lbs, of candy per person. Of course with Halloween being the premier candy holiday, it’s safe to assume America leads the charge in the candy craze, but think again. 


     The average Swedish citizen consumes 16kg or 35lbs of candy per year. That’s a sweet tooth nearly 4.5 times the size of Americans! But wait a minute, somehow Sweden still ranks 6th on the Bloomberg Global Health Index. How can Swedes consume so much candy, yet rank so high? The answer lies in one word. Lordagsgodis. 


Saturday Sweets


      Lordagsgodis is literally translated into English as “Saturday Candy”. “Lordag” means Saturday, and “godis” means candy. This tradition started in the 1950s when Swedish medical authorities began encouraging the public to only consume sweets once per week, in order to combat tooth decay. Over the decades, Lordasgodis has become a treasured pastime, creating a fun weekly family outing. Generation to generation, children and parents bond over pick-and-mix selections. Swedish parents only allow kiddos to indulge on Saturdays, keeping the candy day sacred, and

dental visits at bay, but many adults sneak treats through the week. 

      In the age of the internet, the fun of this tradition is only growing and evolving. Young Swedish users of the social media app, TikTok, post their Saturday score to the site with the hashtag #betygsättgodissmak, which translates to “rate candy flavor”. In these videos, candy lovers share their selections and ask their viewers to rate the mix on a scale from 1-10. It is unlikely the original intention of limiting candy consumption has been successful, regardless, Lordagsgodis has become an iconic Swedish convention.


Lordagsgodis in America 


     This October is the perfect time to start your own Lordagsgodis tradition. Swedish pick-and-mix candy is still new to America, and Sweetish Candy in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is one of the only locations in America to find the real deal. Sweetish Candy offers the same treats you would find in an authentic Swedish candy store. Scoop sweet and sour gummies, classic chocolates, pillowy foam marshmallows, and sweet and salty black licorice. With a huge selection, you can try something new each week! 


      Two in-person locations, Sweetish in Downtown Lancaster, and Sweetish North in East Petersburg make it easy for PA locals to drop in for Saturday sweets. Far away friends, not to worry, you can still Lordagsgodis with us! Our entire selection is available on our website, including Halloween mixes. Order ahead of the weekend and create your own pick-and-mix buffet at home! We’d love to see you and your family getting in on the Loradagsgodis love. Tag @sweetishcandystore on Instagram and show us your perfect pick-and-mix!