Sweden Celebrates Halloween & All Saints’ Day - Honoring Community Past & Present

Embracing a New Holiday  

     Having been introduced in the 1990s, Halloween is still relatively new to Sweden. The American holiday was first perceived by Swedes as scary rather than spooky, and felt it was too gory for kids. That notion has changed, and Halloween has quickly gained popularity over the past two decades. Trick-or-treating is more common in cities, versus rural areas where it is popular for adults to throw costume parties. 

     Shockholm, the biggest Halloween parade in Scandinavia, is held in Sweden’s capital city of Stockholm every year. The parade is a non-profit community event with a costume contest and fun activities for the whole family. The Shockholm website even has an opportunity for young creatives to submit “Dreams” - proposals for future parade projects. These Dreams are posted to the website and funded by sponsors, making the parade more creative each season. 

All Saints’ Day

     Long before Halloween rose in popularity, Sweden has observed a related, albeit more sacred, holiday. Alla Helgons Dag, All Saints’ Day, is celebrated on November 1st, marking the end of the harvest, and the beginning of winter. This is a day to honor lost loved ones and the ancestors who came before. On this day, families gather in cemeteries to decorate graves with candles, wreaths, and flowers. Some businesses close, and many churches hold concerts. 

     Both Halloween and All Saints’ Day have roots in the ancient harvest holiday, Samhain. Halloween is said to be the day the veil thins between the living world and the spirit realm. All Saints’ Day was introduced in 731 AD in place of Samhain to celebrate the saints who had no specific day of honor. Over time it developed in Sweden as a day of remembrance for all who have passed on. Halloween and All Saint’s Day pair well in Sweden, welcoming the winter season with spooky fun, creativity, sweet treats, community, and love.

Swedish Halloween Candy 

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      However you and your family choose to celebrate this October, your friends here at Sweetish Candy wish you a safe and sweet spooky season!


Written by Annajane