Backamo Sea Buckthorn 50g, BEST BY: July 12, 2023

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Past Date but Still Great!

Best By: July 12, 2023

What is Sea Buckthorn? An amazing little fruits grown in Europe and Asia with great benefits! These little berries are rich in vitamins have been used as a a natural medicine for years across Asia. 

Backamo uses a freeze-drying method to retain its original color, flavor and as much as 97% of its original vitamins and minerals. This can be compared to dried fruit, which only has about 60% of the vitamins and minerals left, or canned fruit, which has about 40% of these left. Freeze-dried fruit is an excellent vitamin-rich supplement for breakfast, lunch or as a smoothie! 

No flavors or aromas - you see exactly what you get. Freeze-dried means that the product has been cooled in a vacuum, no heating or sun-drying.