Mellow Coconut Milk, Caribbean 53g Chocolate Bar

A rich and soft vegan milk chocolate bar. Öko Caribe cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic combined with organic coconut milk and cane sugar are blended into a rich, dark plant-based milk chocolate. Handmade, gently roasted and slowly concentrated, which enhances the natural qualities of the cocoa beans. Cocoa origin Öko Caribe, El Cibao region, Dominican Republic, 2020 harvest. 

Handmade in Copenhagen.

Key Procedures: Organic coconut milk is slowly conched into a fresh batch of Öko Caribe chocolate to form a vegan milk chocolate.

Cocoa formulation: 50% Criollo & Trinitario cocoa.

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, cane sugar, coconut milk and cocoa butter.