Table Chocolate - 60% CACAO from Tecpatán, Chiapas

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State cacao, washed, from the plot of Doña Dionisia García, which is located in a region known as "La Chinantla" within San Felipe de León, a town in northeastern Oaxaca.

Doña Dionisia comes from generations of guardians of the Oaxacan cacao legacy, she is an ambassador of Chinanteca Cuisine, a cacao producer and a traditional chocolatier. In its agroforestry plot, biodiversity is expressed in other native trees such as pataxte (Theobroma bicolor), achiote, chicozapote, mamey and banana trees.

To create this chocolate, we were inspired by the traditional "Chocolate de Mesa" from Oaxaca; cocoa, cane sugar and a delicate touch of Mexican cinnamon.

Tasting Notes: Medium-height cocoa, washed (unfermented), with a touch of cinnamon. Notes of toasted almonds, nutmeg and cinnamon. Intense aroma of cocoa, slightly toasted nuts and a bit of cinnamon. Delicate body and light mouthfeel.

 Box includes two 1.05oz disks.