The Mallows: Flaked Salt and Dark Belgian Chocolate 90g

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Premium organic marshmallows covered with dark Belgian chocolate and flaked Maldon salt.

Crafted in Denmark, The Mallows carefully select the best natural ingredients and never compromise on quality. Their mallows are “honest and unexpected,” and what sets them apart from the traditional marshmallow is the texture.  They've cut the fluff and designed an experience that invites you to savor every bite as you chew through the different layers. 

Delight yourself with a bag today and indulge in their unique consistency and irresistible flavor! 

Imported from Denmark.


Ingredients: 34% dark chocolate* (EU) (cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, emulsifier: soy lecithin*), glucose syrup*, cane sugar*, water, dextrose*, gelatin, corn starch*, alkalized cocoa*, 0.6% salt (non-EU), natural vanilla flavor, preservative: E270. Minimum 56% cocoa solids. * organic

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