Anna's Original Pippi Gingerbread Figures

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Eat, decorate or play with these fun gingerbread cookies!
In the box there are 12 figures (2 of each); Pippi herself and her friends, as well as gingerbread supports that you can stick on the back of the figures so they can stand up.
Let your imagination run wild and build your own Pippi Gingerbread World or just eat and enjoy! Feel free to combine with Anna's Pippi Gingerbread House for the funnest Christmas craft!

Ingredients : Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oils (palm*, rapeseed, coconut), syrup, baking powder (sodium bicarbonate), cinnamon, cloves, salt, ginger 0.2%.

Allergens: Contains coconut and palm oil and wheat. May contain traces of almonds. 

*Sustainably produced from certified growers.


Please note that ingredients are subject to change. We at Sweetish strive to update our product descriptions as they are modified. However, we ask that you contact the manufacturer for the most up-to-date version of the ingredient list if you are unsure if an allergen is present or used in production.