OLW Cheez Wishing Starz 200g Bag

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Limited Edition for the Holidays! 

OLW cheez whising starz is visiting our classic cheez family. OLW cheez whishing starz are crispy crispy corn stars with a taste of medium-aged cheese and sour cream. A new star is born, impossible to resist!

Ingredients: Cornmeal, sunflower oil, whey powder (from milk), maltodextrin, cheese powder, milk powder, buttermilk powder, salt, milk protein, dextrose, onion, yeast extract, acidity regulating agent (milk, rich in milk).

Allergens: Contains milk.

Please note that ingredients are subject to change. We at Sweetish strive to update our product descriptions as they are modified. However, we ask that you contact the manufacturer for the most up-to-date version of the ingredient list if you are unsure if an allergen is present or used in production.